Liaison Policy and Procedures

Liaison Policy & Procedures


The Swim Club has established the volunteer position of Club Liaison with the responsibility of supporting parents, coaches and swimmers in identifying and resolving issues that are not being addressed to mutual satisfaction through regular club communications and interactions. Such issues may involve interactions between swimmers, parents, coaches and/or club executive board members.The Club Liaison is appointed by the Executive Board. Their primary role is to facilitate communications and understanding among parties who are unable to resolve concerns within regular club channels, with the aim of clarifying issues that may affect the swim club and its members, and identifying appropriate actions to address concerns that are raised.

The Club Liaison will be expected to handle all communications in a respectful and confidential manner – involving other parties (parents, coaches, swimmers or executive board members) only when appropriate and with the informed involvement of the party raising the concern.


It is expected that most concerns regarding the operations of the Club, and the actions of swimmers, parents and coaches will be addressed through regular club channels involving coaches and/or Executive Board members. If any party feels that their concerns are not being addressed or not able to be addressed, through the executive or coaches they are encouraged to contact the Club Liaison.

As part of their coaching duties, swim club coaches are available 15 minutes prior to and after practice, for discussions with parents and/or swimmers. Communication with coaches, if unable to be conducted in person, can be via e-mail or hard copy correspondence. Coaches are expected to bring any comments or concerns raised, as well as any recommended actions to address the concerns, to the club president for appropriate action.

The Club President may also be contacted directly at any time via informal meeting, telephone or e-mail.

If the Club Liaison is contacted, she/he will clarify the concern with the involved party and notify the Club President that there is an issue at hand. If appropriate, the Club Liaison will communicate with the parties directly involved – to clarify issues and identify potential actions to resolve them. The Club Liaison will also assist in documenting the concern, and in communications (in writing or presentation) with appropriate bodies (such as the Executive Board).

The Club President and Executive Board will expeditiously consider any concerns requiring their attention, and notify involved parties (verbally or in writing, as appropriate) of the actions that have been taken to address any concerns that have been raised through the Club Liaison.

Should the executive board be unable to successfully resolve an issue, the Club Liaison may contact and engage the appropriate BCSSA representative for further interpretation, review and resolution. The Club Liaison will document any communications and file a report with the Executive Board upon resolution of the matter.