In order to keep registration fees as low as possible, continue paying for members' meet fees, and to qualify for government grants, the club must fundraise. All swimmers are required to pay a fundraising deposit for each season. The deposit is $100 for the winter maintenance season and $50 for the summer season. The Club organizes fundraising events throughout the year, such as chocolate sales, a Swim-a-thon, a silent auction, music bingo nights and more.

Current ongoing fundraising opportunities:

Level Ground Coffee

Bottle Return

Return-It Express. You collect your returnables. Put them in plastic bags and drop them off through the express option at Hartland Landfill.

Does the idea of going to Hartland seem overwhelming to you? Like you'll get there and not be able to figure out what to do with these returnables?  We've got you covered. We've made a Bottle Return Instructions PDF which has set out a step-by-step process WITH PHOTOS to walk you through.