Registration opens for the 2024 Summer Season on March 21st, 2024 at 8am for returning families. A returning family includes anyone who was registered with the Orcas so far in 2023, and their siblings. For those registering more than one swimmer, a discount code will be provided for a sibling discount.

Registration for new swimmers opens March 28th, 2024 at 8am. New swimmers registering before this date and time will be deregistered and refunded the registration and insurance fees minus Active fees incurred.

To register swimmers in our Junior and Senior programs for swimmers ages 9 years old and up please go to Summer 2024 Registration.  

To register swimmers for our MiniPod program (swimmers 5-8 years old) please also visit Summer 2024 Registration

New Swimmers

New swimmers are invited to register for the summer season beginning March 28th, 2024. Our coaches will assess the swimmer in our first week of May practices and place them in appropriate training groups. New junior and senior swimmers are required to swim 25m safely and unassisted in deep water. Juniors are swimmers whose ages place them in divisions 1-3 and OCat 1, while seniors are swimmers whose ages place them in divisions 4-8 and OCat 2 (please refer to the BCSSA Age Locator). Mini Pods are a minimum of 4 years of age, turning 5 within the calendar year, to 7 years of age, and are comfortable in the water without a parent while being able to behave safely and respectfully in the water in a small group, but cannot yet swim 25m unassisted.

If you require more information about our programs and/or registration, please e-mail us at