Parent Code of Conduct

The support and participation of parents plays a critical role in the success and running of the Oak bay Orcas Swim Club. Fair play and responsible behavior by all members of the club is expected to protect everyone’s safety as well as our Club’s reputation. The following Parents Code of Conduct is expected to be acknowledged by all parents or guardians of swimmers in the club:

If an individual does not adhere to the above code of conduct the following may occur at the discretion of the Executive Board:

For both the 2nd and 3rd incident, the parent will only be permitted to drop off and pick up their child from practice and/or swim meet but may not stay during the event.

Repeat behavior will not be tolerated and will be referred to the Executive Board for further action.

We intend to be fair, reasonable and timely in responding to any issues. Any parent questioning the fairness of a disciplinary decision may request review by the Executive Board and/or via the Club Liaison.

The Oak Bay Orcas Swim Club has a Club Liaison in place to support any parent and/or swimmer in identifying and resolving issues involving any aspect of the Club. Please see our Liaison Policy and Procedures on our website for more.